Monday, March 10, 2008

wake up, little sushi

Guess WHAT! i am sitting at my kitchen table. I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AT MY APT! marissa saw some guy outside while fighting for the cafes under us internet connection, and he offered to tell us the password for his apt's internet. so dope. so how about an update?
-i have a job. i work at the rio grade cafe, right across the street from my house in the old train station. it's pretty alright.. i'm not making much money yet but that's prob cause i still suck. also, there's only a couple people my age and no one is lds, but nonetheless most everyone seems pretty cool.
-by the way schools going, i'm looking forward to two A's and 2 D's, whoops
-i applied to the U, i should get in. if i don't... word up uvu
-i'm looking for a place to live for fall and possibly summer. i want to live in a house in sugar house along with krystle and hopefully marissa come winter. keep your eyes peeled for me?
-i saw the squirrel nut zippers in vegas. but not only did i see them, i kicked it with them. i conversed with them. will (the bass/keyboard player) is helping james become famous and his potential gf katherine whalen, is the nicest lady i have ever met. they invited us to their house in chapel hill, north carolina, and katherine informed me "we could cook, garden, or whatever i like to do." what a freaking peach.
-i still love marissa.
-my hair is blonde. well, white to be more exact.
-i plan to do my laundry today for the second time since i've lived in this apartment. i'm also going to start working out so as to fit back into my clothing.
-it's warm!!!! summers coming!!!!!!!!!!
-life is pretty much gettin there.