Sunday, May 31, 2009

the next billy idol

hey friends (krystle, afton, ariel, rachel, ...?)

i have decided to finally try out for american idol and the auditions are a mere month away! so i need your help and advice on some song choices. seriously, any ideas would be appreciated!!

some things to keep in mind... i think my voice sounds best singing power pop, gospel, or country variations. and i need a song with some good range to show that off!

we all know a good song is VERY IMPORTANT... we don't want a repeat of saratoga idol 2004 now do we?

leave a comment with your idea or email me at

thanks :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

dear krystle


i just wanted to tell you that the days of going for older men are OVER! do you know how i know? because i just do. one reason i know is because of the jonas brothers. another reason is zac efron. also, afton knows it! also, lisa knows it! also, the main lady on the reality show "the cougar" knows it! so, you should get in the KNOW! with us! join the CLUB!

your good friend, adrienne

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the lambert report

ADAM LAMBERT WAS ROBBED!!! CALL THE COPS ON WHOEVER COUNTS THE VOTES CAUSE WE GOT AN AL GORE VS GEORGE BUSH SITUATION GOING ON! in fact, i blame this on bush. i think he declared war on SEXY or something. but, the one bright side to this american tragedy was hearing my mom after the defeat. "UGH.. THIS MAKES ME SICK. I'M NEVER WATCHING THIS SHOW AGAIN!"

to myself, my mother, and to all you others who are rapidly losing faith in this country, let us remember, adam lambert is ALREADY a star. straight from the heavens. who i want to ... kiss. a lot.

eye candyzzzzz: hehehehe you know the last one is your favorite