Thursday, September 30, 2010

a must have

please buy me this. pretty please!? i'm gonna DIE without it!!!!!!! thanks. :)

Acrylic coffee table,, $223.99

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

remember that one time.... i made an ottoman?

my new favorite thing: SLC curbside trash pick up day! this lovely event occured a few days ago and, of course, james and i took it as an opportunity to scavenge some needed items for our new home. so late sunday night, we crept around the neighborhood essentially stealing peoples trash.

we found some cool stuff: a chair with tufted red velvet upholstery, a bookshelf, an entertainment system (which we were actually tipped off to from james' uncle across town), and my fav find? a ghetto old ottoman. simply because an ottoman/coffee table have been on my list of things we need for the house. i planned to get it reupholstered, but after calling a few upholstery businesses only to have $75 dollars be the cheapest quote!!!!... i decided to do it myself.

here's the before picture: (actually, i had already done a few coats of spray paint on the legs at this point. before they were a medium brown and were pretty scuffed up.)



(don't mind our ugly green couches, but do mind the aforementioned red chair!)

yeah, i went ghetto and decided to just staple the new fabric onto the old (i'm new at this reupholstery thing and i didn't want to risk messing the ottoman up beyond repair) but i actually totally love it. and instead of costing $75, it ended up costing more like $10. (free ottoman, $7.50 for fabric, $9 for staple gun, $2 for staples.) the fabric is reeeeeeeeally soft too, so my feet are happy along with my eyeballs.

anyway, i'll post more pics of our stolen items along with our new house in the near future. xo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So turns out I'm not in school yet because of something weird with the application, but NO WORRIES! I am practicing my interior design skills all up in our home to the dismay of of my dear husband... (jk, but furniture is expensive, much to his, my, and everyone's dismay.)

As I have been searching the webs for uniquely modern yet classic pieces to eventually work with, I keep coming back to the ghost chair as the epitome of fitting that bill. I'm convinced that these little babies are the coolest thing since James Dean. They add an air of class, sex appeal, and modernity to any setting. And they're comfortable, too! (My brother is lucky enough to own a few.) See for yourself:

These chairs will never go out of style and I will never fall out of love.

While I wait patiently for my husband and I to grow to be rich (the cheapest you can find these is around 300 a pair..for the replicas at that.. why does beauty have to be so expensive?!) and I get to purchase a pair of my very own ghost chairs, I have found something else to satiate my ghostly appetite...

THE KARTELL BOURGIE LAMP!Isn't it just beautiful?! Of course I could only afford a replica as these lovelies sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it's all the same to me and I feel so lucky even to have found one in my price range*. I'll be waiting with bated breath for this to arrive at my doorstep.

*And even that's a generous estimate of my "price range." ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

good times

this gave me shivers.

also, i'm married! here are a few pics sent to me by a friend. more to come.