Thursday, April 30, 2009

fremont ireland

the plus side of having a lot of free time....

GOING HIKING EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! okay not really, but i've completely fallen in love with this land preserve and the open spaces and the million trails and the countless options and the freedom and the beauty and the views and the serotonin and the expansion of my lungs and the expansion of my soul. if you utah people ever come to visit me like you claim, we'll go here.

i kind of love california. and my mom and julia for showing me the light.

Monday, April 20, 2009

barack and roll

HAY! i saw that band of horses show i was jonesing for. isn't that a beautiful venue? i also met up with meghan which was AWESOME (shout outz grlfrn!) the craziest thing is that i found out my OTHER 2 favorite bands are coming to the same place all within 3 weeks. how nutso is that? fleet foxes are coming tomorrow and the shins are coming may 9. i obviously had my shins ticket purchased within 2 minutes of finding out about the show, but i'm still deciding if i should go to fleet foxes. i mean, for one, i've already seen them once, but on the other hand.. it was the BEST concert i have ever been to in my life. (reference that old post to see a video clip) so, anyway, i guess we'll see. if my soul gets fed and fattened in exchange for the emptying of my pockets.

Monday, April 13, 2009


i'm bored. with my life.

which is why i think i need to see this asap.

and/or attend this asaaaapppp.

any other suggestions on how to spice up life, without giving into.. you know.. worldly delicacies?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

lady goo goo

hey baby's. can everyone update me to how they are doing?thx....

okay, here's what i want to share with you. i've gone completely out of control!!!!!!

i got those shoes below (in BLACK) a week or 2 ago, and promised myself it would be my last purchase in a while because 1. i don't have much money and 2. i need to save the money i have.

WELL, THAT NOTION DIDN'T LAST VERY LONG!!!! i splurged on this bag:
it cost a pretty penny but i love it sooo much. and i still have the receipt in case i come to my senses...

maybe i should just give in and go into fashion.