Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just like heaven

I am completely inspired by my little brother. I just found these pieces of literary genius on the desktop.

I am Patrick Barringer

On weekends I like to stay up all night long.

If I had twenty-four hours to live I would rob an ice cream store.

If I had my own car and a driver’s license, I would drive across the country.

I feel best when people give me compliments.

If I had a million dollars I would open up ice cream stores across the globe.

My children will never be put in jail

I think my parents did a good job taking care of me when I was a baby.

I am best at making paper airplanes.

My favorite place is my home.

I have accomplished getting first place in a laser quest game.

Where I’m From

By Patrick Barringer

I am from pencil from Papermate and pens.

I am from the red brick home on the corner of the street.

I am from the trees and the green leaves falling

I am from passing down the choose the right ring and blonde hair from Bridget and Neil and Ryan

I am from the five kids and the teenage fights

From Santa is coming tonight and the Easter bunny came!

I am from Good Sam and ice cream and pizza

From the military time the navy ships and the blue eyes passed down

I am from the shelf in the middle of the long hallway

The pictures showing my family time from time