Sunday, January 23, 2011

f & f

last night i dreamt that all my friends were dead. are you? i miss you guys.

before i got married i felt this "ambiguous longing" as james calls it, for what i assume was the void in me longing for a family. before i got married, i always had good friends around me but never a strong family situation.

now i have family and no friends. weird.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i was in the middle of finding the birth and death dates, countries of origin, occupations, and accomplishments of 40 leaders like genghis khan, king montezuma, peter the great, sha jahan, czar nicholas, hirohito, mccarthy, etc when i took a break to browse fashion blogs, and came across the name nirrimi. will she ever be on a list of great leaders? i don't know.. but probably not. just goes to show how little formal education actually coincides with reality. to me, the beauty in her photos are just as important as whatever sun yat-sen did.

(nirrimi's self portrait)