Monday, August 31, 2009

jumping out of utahs birthday cake, fully clothed

hello blog world. i'm in provo now.. SURPRISE! bet you didn't see that coming. or, if you know me, you probably did. just thought i'd come live here once again, go to school once again, have a life once again. but don't get me wrong, i do miss you, beautiful saratoga (simone, patrick.)

a little about my provo life:
-i live in a house south of byu, typical
-my room is the cutest, obv
-i have 2 friends, hello krystle and staci
-my ward is indie fest 2009, coachella 2009
-afton is not here, i miss afton!
-hey UVU
-hey sociology of deviance, anthropology of mormonism, health and well being, sociology of the family, and applied parenting. oh, and mission prep.
-you are jealous that i am enrolled in those awesome classes, and you are not
-still going on a mission, as of this moment
-utah is hot, but when was that ever a bad thing?
-reading: van gogh, vampires, learn french, play guitar, on the road
-i was supposed to get a job today but instead i took a nap! maybe tomorrow.

enough about me. sometimes i don't like blogging because it's narcissism maximus.

anyway, how are you? xo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

for patrick

"my brother's awesome"

this is my side blog.

confessions, plans, updates

hi. i'm BORED! well. maybe bored isn't the right word. more like restless / ADD. right now i'm watching the last 10 minutes of into the wild, reading 3 blogs, listening to mandy moore's new album, and writing this. i've been living at home for almost 8 months now and honestly, it's getting pretty old. i feel like i'm ready to get on with my life. but oh, wait, i can't. because for those of you who haven't heard by now, i'm going on a mission! crazy, i know. trust me, i'm just as surprised as you are. and i guess when i say "get on with my life," i mean: get a new job, move out, go to school and learn something, find some friends, some hobbies, maybe a boy. but alas, embarking on these new horizons seem somewhat pointless as i prepare to leave them behind for a year and a half. but since i'm probably not leaving til january (90% confirmed,) i do have some plans to maybe take a class or two. also the hobbies, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna get me one of them. because all i do at this point is: hug my brother, hug my dog, buy old books for a dollar and read them at "work", babysit a kind of cute / anxiety stricken little girl (but my mom said she reminds her of me when i was a babe, so i've decided this girl is cool), read blogs about sewing /crafting and wishing i knew how, experimenting with edible ingredients when my mom's not around because it pisses her off (then again, what doesn't), hitting up recession sales, and watching excess amounts of the travel, discovery, and food networks. so as you can see, i'm in need of a life. as you can also see, i've gone ADD again and have lost my train of thought and purpose for writing this blog post. i think i'll go finish the other 3-4 things i was doing. ta ta.