Saturday, January 19, 2008

the books

afton: (mumble) --- book is boring me.
addie: what book?
afton: facebook!
addie: hahahahahaha
afton: i bet people will talk like that someday, call the things they read online books.

i am in provo and am OBSESSED WITH AFTON. that is all.

condolences lebowski

i just want to apologize to everyone i took advantage of in provo. basically every one i knew. i miss you. mean it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

zip it

i'm going to a squirrel nut zippers show on wed, which reminds me i wanted to share james' texts with you all from when he met them. you can guess my responses and questions in between. here we go:

1. I'm watching the band set up.
2. Katharine whalen just walked by me. She is tall and beautiful.
3. Katharine whalen just gave me her home address and -- in all seriousness -- said the band often has openings and wants to keep in touch with me.
4. It was entirely her idea. Talking about ukeleles . Told her i make tunes. She asked what i played and then said LET ME HAVE YOUR INFO
5. I need a change of pants
6. I'm backstage with Jimbo as he and the sax player are doing a demo. I seriously can't believe i'm sitting here with my favorite songwriter next to Tom waits

side note, me and james hung out with henry the sax player in san jose during christmas break.
sooooo, this little trip we're taking should be fruitful considering james will be instated in the zippers, and i will mack with henry. and james will mack with katherine. it will be a grand ol' time. LoLoLoL
gooooooot nite

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

hold your glass up

hi. i took a vacation from blog world for a while. actually, i took a vacation from life. and i feel like i'm still there. i was in california which was more pleasant than average, due to the friendships of lisa noon, james mcomber, kelly carlsted, and marissa paolacci. i enjoy those humans. i haven't any highlights to divulge except maybe going to chipotle 5 days in a row (and subsequently gaining 5 pounds, so worth it.) now i'm back in utah but in a different location known at the SALTY LAKE. marissa jaque and i moved into a lovely artspace bridge project right downtown. 1 second away from a homeless shelter, 5 seconds away from in the venue, 10 seconds away from gateway, 20 seconds away from school, 30 seconds away from big city soup. you get the point. it's becoming great but i do however still feel like i'm on vacation because i don't feel at home here yet. slc was always the place we'd come to get away. to party it up. forget about life. but now i LIVE here and it's just odd to know that i have to do homework and get a job etc. i'm feeling unmotivated but hopefully that will change as we get more settled in our apartment and life. wish me luck.

i want to give a shout out to all the poor suckers back in provo. jk. i love you all. remember me.