Monday, April 7, 2008

summer oh eight

So i've been perplexed on where to live this summer for some time now. I'm debating between slc, provo, and home aka saratoga, ca. They all have their pros and cons, which i will remind myself and you of right now.

Pros: finishing what i started, 2-3 jobs, one being at a hotel so i could get experience doing something other than serving, potentially live with my aunt and therefore pay no rent, live with krystle, love her. wootah.

Cons: i have hated my life since i moved here 3 months ago, HOT weather, no friends, potentially pay 400 in rent.

Pros: loved my life there, loved red robin.. could possibly go back? cheaper rent.. 200ish. mormonland. friends. home.

Cons: giving up? it might not be the same as when i left, red robin might not take me back, what if i get sick of serving, hot weather.


Pros: WEATHER, beach, lisa, bridget, patrick, ELLIOT (baby nephew), cats, free rent, make and save lots of moneyz at any job i want, get away from utah for a bit.

Cons: stagnant, rough church life, regressing, etc

So i took a survey of where everyone thinks and these were my results:

Hannah- Home
Ian Shepley- Provo
Jason Nau- Follow my heart
Ian Ansberg- Where i'll be happy
Ariel- Provo
Ben Fisher- Provo
Jordan- Provo or home (wherever i'll be happy)
Amanda- Provo
Ali- Provo
Jeffrey- Home
Kelly- Home
Mason- Provo
Jared- Home and he'll go with me.

How interesting that everyone pretty much thinks where THEY are is the ideal place to be. sigh. At least everyone pretty much agrees that salt lake would be a bust. If you haven't voted, cast your vote asap, thx.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Festival of Colors

good fun but, damn you hare krishna! i'm still trying to get pink out of my hair.

best thing ever

found this in a friend of a friends blog.. freaking awesome:

about an hour ago i had a disturbing phone call from my mother. the bad news rang through my ears like an alarm clock with a bad hangover. the LDS church's prophet and President has passed away. 2 years ago i remember joking with my mother about him not being dead yet. being a non-mormon, i however was still raised in the church and know that this man was a great person. kind, loving and extremely fucking cute. well, he's in heaven now ordering countless appletinis with former playboy bunny of the year's. we miss you and love you ver much.