Thursday, September 27, 2007

a rave (not that kind, sorry.)

it's one of those nights that stemmed from one of those days that stemmed from one of those weeks. someone take this computer away from me because however badly i want to rant i probably shouldn't for fear of making things worse. let's just say i'm missing lisa. in my mind, that sums everything up. it's like everything lisa is and everything she stands for. for those of you who don't know lisa.. we've been best friends since 7th grade. and i mean best friends. she is my family. she's just so dope. she goes to uc santa cruz and migrates between there, san jose, and san francisco where she attends buddhist meetings and visits her boyfriend. she just knows whats up. she's one of those like 5 out of 100 people who get it, you know? she just got back from ghana. she wants to save the world. she reads the paper and cares about things outside of her own superficial world. and she cares about me, so thats pretty sweet. anyway.. it just sucks when you live in a place like PROVO UTAH where (if you know anything about the lds religion) people CLAIM to get it but they just don't and it's completely obvious and ridiculous and hypocritical and annoying. so for you 95 out of a hundred people who i come in contact with too often and who DON'T GET IT.. grow up. or something. i don't know what to say and it's probably because i'm one of those people i'm talking smack on. i hope not. anyway, i'll just keep putting on this smiling face and hope that someone like lisa will come along and see through it and save me from this facade and tell me it's okay to be pissed or annoyed once in a while, and that maybe the world is not such a big joke, and that rarely you will find someone who cares about things other than themself, and then tell me the latest scoop on the war in iraq and then we can both make fun of bush together without me feeling like a freaking trader to my country and to my religion.

whew. am i done.................? yea i think so. peace out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

church is true

oh and i wanted to give a shout out to marissa. word.

c'mon utah. grow up.

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The media savvy California attorney, Gloria Allred was handling the Britney Spears custody case Monday...Tuesday she was in Orem where she called Orem police stupid for prosecuting the case of Betty Perry. Perry is the Orem grandmother accused of fighting with a cop over a citation for her brown lawn. Allred calls the case a travesty of justice.

Allred came out firing, blasting the Orem Police Department and calling them the laughing stock of the country. She wouldn't come right out and say a multi-million dollar civil suit is in the works, but her words suggest there may be.

Gloria Allred is known for her high profile cases in L.A., not for misdemeanor court in Orem.Still the feminist lawyer agreed to stand by Betty Perry Tuesday. She was appalled by the actions of the Orem Police Department and determined to see justice served.

“Isn't it enough that this great grandmother who had never been arrested in her entire life was taken to jail and placed like a common criminal in a holding tank to lie in a fetal position on the floor for fear of being further abused,” Allred said.

Perry is charged with two misdemeanors, one for not watering her lawn, the other for resisting arrest.

“How many of you would like to have your great grandmother taken from their home handcuffed with bruises and blood and placed in handcuffs for failing to water her lawn?” asked Allred outside the courtroom.

Initially the officer was suspended for roughing Perry up, but now the department has done an about face. Orem City is prosecuting. Allred believes the turn around came after threat of a civil suit.

“Today law enforcement in Orem has enshrined themselves as the laughing stock of our country. This ill conceived action ensures Orem’s law enforcement authorities first place in the Guinness Book of World Records for stupidity.”

Allred insists she is just here to support Perry, and is not her attorney. It's clear the criminal matter comes first, but one can't help but wonder what happens next. Will there be a civil suit?

“I've been practicing law for 31 years. I've represented thousands of clients and we have won hundreds and millions of dollars for victims,” said Allred.

The city contends their investigation was thorough, and Perry did violate a city ordinance, and Perry was hurt because she was uncooperative.

Perry entered not guilty pleas Tuesday. She will be back in court next month.If she's convicted she could see six months in jail and face some hefty fines.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sheer simplicity

i've recently purchased amelie, a very long engagement, and gilmore girls season 5. who wants to come watch them?

in other news, i need to: write 3 more pages of my essay, buy lightbulbs, study for art history, take my car in to get fixed, pick up my check, ask michelle where my box of shoes went, eat sushi.
i think that's it.

thank you, blogspot, for letting me use you as a DO TO list.

Friday, September 14, 2007


september 13, 2007 was a GREAT day! my brother and his wife had their first baby. a little boy named elliot. sadly, being in utah, i haven't been able to meet him yet but this is what my sister had to say along with the picture she sent, "Baby Elliot, 8.9 lbs. So chill, laying in Natasha's arms looking around yawning not crying at all. He is amazing." He sounds pretty great.
Also, a dear friend of mine got home from his mission yesterday.
AND, i dropped my class. i'm only taking 9 credits now but WHATEVA, i do what i want.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i need water or something

iiiiiiiii will love you AGAIN
i will love you
like i uuuusseddd tooooooo

i HATE my class which makes me hate my life at the moment to the point where mountain goats songs make me CRY. today is the last day to drop, and i don't know if i can add another class because apparently they are all full and/or closed or something. and it's already been like 3 weeks. but if i just drop it i will only have 9 credits. which means i won't have insurance which will mean i won't have been to the doctor in 2ish years. I HAD A YELLOW TONGUE!!! i could be dying.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

you can be handsome, i'll be pretty

it's a new day and a new blog. blogs are for like, social commentary right? modern art is cooler than.. vintage art. i don't know if it's the million versions of madonna and child but my headache has been getting worse throughout the day. costa vida is amazing, like always. my stomach is too full now, like always. i'm excited to meet the new indie girls who moved in next door. good thing i have marissa to attract people like them (with her untamed hair and uber urban clothing.) now i must go to work at the bird. one of us might be a bird for halloween. any other ideas? LETTUCE KNOW!

Monday, September 10, 2007

i'm finally alive!

A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

my livliness has just been verified due to me getting a blog. now i can be cool like marissa, marissa's mom, annie clark, christina, cassian, and dan and diana. this has got to be the 49th best day of my life. cheers blogspot and blogger friends!