Thursday, November 25, 2010

tis the day

I'm grateful for:

-James and the love we share
-our sweet dog who brings us so much joy
-a house to live in where we stay warm and cuddly
-a clear spot underneath the trees for marty to do his business even when it snows
-the gospel, and all the blessings it continues to bring even when we take it for granted
-my family back home..
-my mom and her kindness, and her young, silly sense of humor
-patrick and his sweet spirit, kindness, and how well we get along
-bridget and her quirky sense of humor, sweetness
-neil and his hilarious weirdness, sweet wife and cute cat
-ryan and his beautiful wife and beautiful baby boys..
-esp elliott (i haven't met pierce yet!) and his intellect, sweetness, cuteness
-my dad and his generousity.
-our 4 cats for making our lives interesting and making us laugh
-the memory of sweet simone
-james family and their kindness in accepting me into the McO clan
-james' cute nieces and nephews, esp when they are real nice to me :) AKA annniiieeee... jk.
-the fact that james and i are from california and we're gonna go back there soon
-the blessings living in utah has brought and the friends i've made here
-like afton!
-and staci, ariel, candice, marissa, whitney, etc
-the amazing lifelong friends that i've known for 10 years (you know who you are)
-the big TV james' friends bought us
-my hair that grew back
-movies and art and fashion and design and music
-and everything that makes life beautiful
-pretty good health
-having a job
-having a blog

Happy Thanksgiving from the McOmbers!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

marty mcomber formerly known as orphan ace

for anyone who happens to read this and not my facebook, i have the best news in the whole world ever. JAMES AND I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!! yes, this is a real miracle because as some of you know, james never wanted a dog. but after we went to the shelter to meet some pups and giving it some thought about how happy it would make me, he agreed. (isn't he the BEST?) anyway, our sweet doggie is called Marty (named after one of james' heros, martin scorsese -- i agreed to let james name him if we got one) and he's the bomb. some deets:

-he didn't bark at all when we went to go look at the shelter dogs, while all the other dogs were barking their heads off as if to say "pick me"! (the meek will inherit parents...)
-he still doesn't bark very much at all, except when he hears someone who might be a bad guy (mailman?) and he wants to protect us, cause that's just what chihuahua's do.
-like i said, he's a chihuahua and although i never particularly cared for his breed, he is SO much cuter than any other chi i've seen and much calmer and well behaved
-hes 1.5 years old, or (FUN FACT!) about 23 in human years. peers.
-all he wants to do is cuddle. no joke. he especially loves to be spooned.

so that's a little about our baby whom we love dearly. and overabundance of pictures (doggie pajamas, anyone?) and posts to ensue. for now, here's the one pic i have uploaded. aint he the cutest?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

pumpkin berry

one of my items in my etsy store was featured! (top right) how fun.
funny enough it's the only thing i have listed right now. more coming soon :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010


this dog is cracking me up. he's bipolar!

sometimes he looks like this:

and sometimes like this:
go adopt him at so we can keep him smiling.